Posted on Nov. 20, 2020

New release - Decodio RED version (build date 20.11.2020) is available now

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Highlights of version include:

  • Support for new VHF/UHF protocols, aeronautical protocols and maritime protocols

  • ITU measurements

  • Support for new receivers and direction finders

  • Many improvements in the protocols: TETRA (layer 4 PDU with length), DMR (key handling,...)and Tetrapol (update of carrier fields)

  • Black and white listing functions for scanners

  • Direction finding with heatmap, quality squelch and automatic control for multiple frequency switching

  • Emission detection with mask triggering

  • Various modules for monitoring (scan, tasks and masks)

  • Alerting (Decodio PINK) was moved into Decodio Localizer and is now also available inside RED


The latest versions of the Decodio add-on components are:


Decodio ORANGE for TETRA, Tetrapol and DMR  - 1.5.3

  • TETRA Layer 4 PDU statistics and display names can be changed

  • Drive test customizable color map

  • multiple traces simultaneously

  • Markers can be deactivated

  • TETRA hysterese configuration for best server 


Decodio WebPlatform (BLUE)  -


Decodio Localizer - 0.12 

More performant implementation of Alerting (PINK) in Localizer 0.12

News: State-based rule concept on Decodio RED outputs



Please download the latest manual containing detailed release notes in the members’ area  

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