Posted on June 28, 2021

Decodio Integrates New RF Receivers into RED

Decodio AG announces the integration of 6x new RF receivers with its Decodio RED signals analysis software!

We keep pace with the latest releases from top commercial RF receiver manufacturers as well as expanded our small commercial receiver compatibility.

You can now control the receivers below from inside Decodio RED, enabling remote bandwidth and frequency changing, and IQ streaming (which enables decoding).

--Signal Hound SM200B (80 MHz IQ streaming)

--Signal Hound SM200C (80 MHz IQ streaming)

--Hack RF (20 MHz IQ streaming)

--Airspy (10 MHz IQ streaming)

--SDR Play (10 MHz IQ streaming)

--RTL SDR (2 MHz IQ streaming)

Ask us today how to add Decodio RED and upgrade your RF receiver’s analytical and decoding functionality.  


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