Posted on Aug. 9, 2021

Decodio locates Drone Operators with Localizer TDoA

DECODIO LOCALIZER augments radar-based counter drone solutions, targeting VHF/UHF drone operator uplink signals (including hoppers) through TDoA (time difference of arrival). 100% passive localization. Cued from other sources, LOCALIZER cross-fixes low hovering drones, difficult for RADAR systems requiring moving targets, or camera/night vision systems obstructed by fog. Also, the system easily fixes drone UHF uplink signals, enabling police to quickly locate an unauthorized drone controller. Decodio tailors each system to specific client needs, selecting receivers and hardware from top providers, such as: NARDA, Signal Hound, Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz, IZT, and others. 1x Operator uses LOCALIZER and controls all deployed RED sites from one screen, instantly plots signal locations on high-quality maps (street, topo, custom), and records every cross-fix for later playback. Great for post-event evidence and deep analysis.


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