Posted on May 10, 2023

April 2023: New Decodio releases available (RED 1.10.12 and others)

Highlights RED:
- New receivers supported:R&S PR200/EM200/ESMW, Keysight FieldFox, Plath SIR2115

- Improvements in protocols:DMR IP, dPMR encryption, AM/FM detection

- Automatization: TaskManager, DeviceControl

- Wideband occupancy with GPS position


Highlights in Localizer:

- Waterfall in Localizer

- Synchronous wideband recording in Localizer


... and much more

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Want to see Decodio Localizer in action? Have a look at where our friends from Genetron Singapore demonstrate its capabilities.

Current Decodio Software Versions as of 14Apr23.

  1. RED (Includes ReX/NET) 1.10.12

  2. LOCALIZER TDoA/AoA 0.29

  3. ORANGE 1.5.5


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