Posted on Jan. 20, 2024

January 2024: New Releases - Decodio RED 1.11.8 and Decodio Localizer 1.2

The Decodio team is pleased to announce new releases for Decodio RED and Decodio Localizer.

Users under maintenance contracts will be able to download Decodio RED 1.11.8 and Decodio Localizer 1.2 from our members area page.


Highlighted new features in Decodio RED 1.11.8

·  Panorama spectrum view

·  Frequency masks

·  SSB, FM, AM: improved voice detection speed and quality

·  DMR improvements (PCAP output, AES/DES encryption handling,…)

·  Support for replaying multiple IQ files as a single device

·  Support for Linux operating systems

·  New supported device: IZT R5000 series

·  An improved manual for continuous offline support available in HTML and PDF formats


…and more


New features in Decodio Localizer 1.2

·  Play the sound output of the demodulator directly in Decodio Localizer

·  Visual feedback regarding the mismatched frequencies or bandwidth of different backends

·  Improved localization heatmap for more intuitive results


Check the Releases section in the Decodio manual for the complete list of new features.

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