Air situation picture

Decodio offers a complete solution for the monitoring of aeronautical transmission modes in order to create a comprehensive air situation picture. Decoders for several digital transmission modes are complemented by automatic analog voice detection and production capabilities.

Support of multiple simultaneous receivers as input signal source to cover a wide frequency range

Support of state of the art direction finders to validate position information

Automatic detection of analog AM and FM transmissions as well as ACARS, VDL-M2 and ADS-B

Display of airplane positions received by ADS-B and VDL-M2 transmissions on an integrated map

Additional decoding and position display for AIS transmissions of maritime vessels

Processing of ACARS content carried in VDLM2 frames

Besides the processing of PMR signals like TETRA, P25 or DMR, DECODIO RED also supports the decoding of aeronautical transmission modes like ACARS, VDL-M2, ADS-B and AIS. This also includes the well-known automatic signal detection and decoder set-up. For ADS-B and AIS, all information which is related to the same airplane/vessel is collected and displayed in a continuously updated table.

Due to Decodio’s multiple receiver support, several frequency bands can be monitored in parallel. This allows for example the surveillance of the civil air traffic band from 108 MHz to 137 MHz including the decoding of ACARS and VDL-M2 with one receiver and the parallel processing of ADS-B at 1090 MHz with a second one. Position reports included in all three digital modes are displayed together in one map. Optional direction finder bearings are shown on the same map to validate information from different sources.

The ACARS decoder does not only process the signals which are directly received via this transmission mode, but also ACARS content which is carried as payload in VDL-M2 signals (ACARS over AVLC).

The parallel decoding of all three transmission modes allows the combination of the different results to increase the situational awareness. Position information provided by ADS-B can be combined with data extracted from ACARS content which was transferred within VDL-M2 frames.
In the example below, the ICAO-address from ADS-B is the same as the SourceAddress in VDL-M2. In addition, the contained ACARS frame has the same timestamp as the related VDL-M2 burst. The FlightNumber found here has equal parts as the ID from ADS-B.

DECODIO RED also supports the decoding of AIS signals which are used for automatic identification of maritime vessels. The received information for each vessel is regularly updated in the GUI, positions are displayed on the integrated map.
In addition, analog voice signals used for communication between the different ships and shore stations are automatically detected, demodulated and recorded.

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