Thanks to its extensive PMR protocol support and advanced signal analysis features, Decodio's software solution is ideal for signal intelligence applications.

Extensive digital protocol support

All major PMR protocols are supported, including TETRA, Tetrapol, NXDN, DMR, dPMR, P25 and D-STAR.

TDMA-aware monitoring

Using information gained from protocol decoding, time-slots can be separated and individually monitored and recorded.

Fast scanning and triggering

A fast frequency scanning feature able to trigger alarms and recordings on signal detection is available for all protocols.

Advanced signal collection

Signals can be recorded in demodulated/decoded form or as raw IQ and recording can be triggered by squelch criteria with adjustable pre- and post-recording intervals.

Fixed and mobile setup

Decodio's solution can be deployed as a mobile and portable setup or as part of a larger and more powerful system.

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