System integrators

Decodio's signal-processing software is easy to integrate and can bring all the potential of its high-performance channelizing capabilities and software-defined radio decoders into existing hardware solutions.

Remote control

The core signal-processing software can run on a head-less machine and be remotely operated through a TCP interface based on JSON messages or through Decodio's graphical application. This makes it possible to build a remotely-operated, head-less signal-acquisition device.

Easy integration with custom receivers

Unsupported or custom receivers can be integrated with Decodio's solution through an API. Pre-existing input signals (e.g. captured externally or pre-recorded) can also be provided to the software directly.

TCP/IP network streaming

Extracted narrow-band channels can be broadcast over the network in both demodulated form and as raw IQ data.

Web-based interface

A web-based interface to the signal-processing software is also available as part of Decodio's software package.