Defense/Security Market

In today’s Complex Electromagnetic Operating Environment (EMOE), defense leaders and security professionals can never trust the reliability of their communications networks. From spectrum crowding, emissions control measures, interference, and the threat of jamming, even strategic planners must comprehend how to smartly navigate the spectrum. Yet, most equipment for spectrum monitoring and Electronic Warfare are expensive and in short supply, meaning leaders must either stress the little equipment they have, depend on specialized units, or become incredibly creative in training their forces in emissions control (electronic protection).

Decodio’s solutions directly fill the need for a lower cost, commercial Electronic Warfare system that can support both Direction Finding (Electronic Support), and also when used by opposing forces, a great tool to highlight emission control (EMCON) deficiencies. Imagine the impact of showing a field radio operator their emissions footprint during a post-exercise debrief. Decodio can provide this solution starting with just a laptop and a pocket sized receiver, or a large training range sized package with remotely integrated sensors.

Outside of the training range, Decodio’s expertise in PMR protocols can help fill a critical capability gap in any field deployed EW or SIGINT system, large or small. By decoding protocols, operators can easily analyze the meta-data. This opens up deeper investigations and more complete analysis. Pair Decodio with any sensor or GPS device, including government and commercial hardware, which means less restrictions when moving from wide area monitoring to more discrete, non-attributable missions. Leverage directional antennas with a multi-site system to increase jamming resilience.

Defense and Security operations work more in disaster relief or very remote zones, from post-hurricane humanitarian missions to sailing in the high north. Key to these operations is the leader’s understanding of the common operating picture, knowing what is flying and what is floating. Without complex air and maritime monitoring systems, it is near impossible to gain this level of knowledge quickly. Decodio’s ability to capture and decode the air community's ADS-B, ACARS, and the maritime equivalent, AIS, means that leaders can quickly obtain a basic understanding of what is operating near them. While units could leverage their SATCOM systems to download these feeds from the internet, the use of SATCOM could easily expose an operator wishing to use EMCON procedures. Decodio solution is purely passive and can be easily set up with a laptop and a pocket sized receiver. This can also be easily expanded by using both larger sensors of a remote controlled network.

For those needing to optimize and protect their network, check out our Quality of Service and Regulatory options.