Quality of Service

Nobody thinks of communications professionals until they experience a problem. Always behind the scenes, Quality of Service professionals work tirelessly to ensure networks stay optimized through deep analysis, drive testing, or walking out in the field with a spectrum analyzer. Decodio understands these challenges and has created the DECODIO NET (based on our DECODIO RED software) that directly aid these professionals, specifically those who work with PMR protocols (TETRA, P25, TETRAPOL, DMR, NXDN). With the advanced visualization features of DECODIO ORANGE , time-series coupled with maps and signal parameters provide quick insight into rich datasets. The intuitive application allows a decoding and measurement of up to 255 narrow band channels and an easy detection of spots with weak signal coverage. A data export to 3rd party software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Earth allows different post data analysis workflows. In addition, the power measurements are carried out in time-domain with a sampling rate larger than the signal bandwidth, and the sampling rate and averaging/quantile values meet the Lee criteria for any given carrier frequency and measurement unit velocity.

Decodio prides itself on providing a simple, yet powerful, drive test software package with DECODIO RUNNER . Extending the well proven and tested, state of the art air-interface analysis system Decodio RED by a location mapping capability to provide an advanced mobile drive-test solution for network verification, coverage assessment and troubleshooting.

The DECODIO RUNNER software package can easily plug to an existing system, or can be custom built with various commercial receivers and GPS devices. Need to have only one protocol, not a problem. Decodio can easily limit the number of protocols in the software with our tailored DECODIO NET , or add more if your organization switches to a different protocol in the future. We also work with proven hardware providers and integrators to produce turnkey solutions if required.

Discover NET for specific digital protocols:

For those needing to protect their network, check out our Regulatory options as well.