Regulation Authorities

The gatekeepers, Regulatory Authorities must monitor their own spectrum while quickly identifying intruders and non-intentional interference. From national communications agencies to airports, these professionals need automation to assist them in monitor all the signals in today’s crowded spectrum. Decodio’s solutions easily solve these problems through monitoring in real-time an unlimited number of arbitrary narrow-band channels, each with independent demodulation, and recording outputs. With fast frequency scanning and signal detection, our software’s automatic signal detection is possible for all supported protocol in real-time, over the entire bandwidth of the receiver. Decodio supports a wide range of PMR protocols (TETRA, DMR, P25, TETRAPOL, and NXDN) inside of the full spectrum monitoring, with the option to limit which decoders are available. Decodio’s solutions are rapidly being deployed in national regulation markets and is becoming one of the top small companies in this field.

By displaying the metadata in DECODIO RED , operators can quickly see which Digital Radio network is interfering with their network. For example, if a critical network is located near a border, a country code will be decoded in the metadata, thereby allowing operators to recognize if the intruder network is within their jurisdiction or not. This can even be broken down further to a network code and then to a location area (cell). With these details, Regulators can deconflict transmissions with speed and accuracy.

Easily import all your critical frequencies from spreadsheets and display them directly on the spectrum. Next, use the alerting functions in DECODIO RED to automatically notify an operator of interference. Take it one step further with RED’s inherent direction finding feature to pinpoint the interference.

While our DECODIO RED software has a built in Direction Finding feature, those needing more precision through triangulation with TDOA, AOA, or hybrid, should add DECODIO Localizer . Integrated multi-sensor fixed sites, or a dual fixed/mobile setup, LOCALIZER enables Regulation Authorities to move to new monitoring areas with ease. Decodio works directly with customers during their system planning phases to ensure optimize monitoring designs and efforts, with Decodio, it’s not just the software that is purchased, but a true relationship that produces direct results.

Decodio extended its wide range of measurement functions with new features and modules in DECODIO RED to provide measurement and analysis capabilities inline with ITU requirements defined in ITU R SM.328, 377, 443, 854, 1600 and 1880. This includes tools for manual signal analysis like measurement-cursors for different displays, as well as semi-automatic functions for spectrum-occupancy measurement and signal parameter estimation. See the solution here.

For those needing to optimize their network, check out our Quality of Service options as well.