Decodio BLUE is a web server and database application offering logging and browser-based visualization of the data generated by DECODIO RED .

Web-based interface for multiple distributed sensors (RED)

Call history visualization and playback in web browser

Signal power and quality logging

Decodio BLUE connects to multiple instances of DECODIO RED and saves the decoded data and signal properties in a centralized database. Saved parameters include base station broadcast parameters, call information, short data messages, position reports as well as signal power and demodulation quality.

The web interface provides a live overview of the ongoing calls being decoded in the Decodio RED instances, and a view of the call database with advanced filtering and sorting features, chart display and call playback.

A plot showing signal power as a function of time makes it possible to perform long-term frequency occupation measurements (power logging) based on distributed monitoring sensors. When position data is available in Decodio RED, signal power and quality can be visualized on a map.