Spectrum Monitoring Software Overview

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Version (05-2024) Overview of Decodio software and their applications.

Current Supported Protocols

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Supported Protocols as of 01 January 2022.

Système de surveillance de spectre (français)

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Aperçu de la solution de surveillance de spectre Decodio

TDOA Localization: From Theory to the Field

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White paper introducing the TDOA localization algorithm

Decodio ReX (02-2019)

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Software solution for wideband signal acquisition, channelization, demodulation and streaming.

Decodio Localizer (01-2020)

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Decodio Localizer is an emitter-localization solution that is based on both “time difference of arrival” (TDoA) and “angle of arrival” (AoA).

Decodio ITU measurements

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Overview of ITU mesurements options in the Decodio software.

Decodio NET für TETRA (Deutsch, 11-19)

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Leistungsfähiges Air-Interface Analysewerkzeug für TETRA. (11/19)

Decodio NET for TETRA (English)

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Air interface analysis tool for TETRA PMR networks.

Decodio NET for Tetrapol

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Air interface analysis tool for Tetrapol networks.

Decodio NET Tetrapol (Deutsch)

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Leistungsfähiges Air-Interface Analysewerkzeug für Tetrapol.

Case Study - NET für Tetrapol (Deutsch, 03-20)

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Case Study und Use Cases Decodio NET für Tetrapol

Decodio NET Tetrapol (Français)

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Logiciel d'analyse de réseaux Tetrapol

Decodio NET for PMR

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Flexible and extendable air interface analysis tool for DMR, NXDN, DPMR and P25.

Decodio RUNNER (04-2018)

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Advanced mobile drive test solution for network planning, verification and troubleshooting.

Decodio QoS

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Solution for automatic network monitoring.

Decodio TET360 (Deutsch, 11-2019)

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Zur Unterstützung der Panoramamessung in der TETRA Objektfunkversorgung.

Network monitoring brochure

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Overview of Decodio's network monitoring features

Regulation authorities brochure

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Presentation of Decodio's solutions for regulation authorities


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Overview of Decodio's features for SIGINT/COMINT applications

Supporting System Integrators

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This brochure explains how Decodio software can fit into system integration projects.

Decodio Localizer Counter Drone Solution

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See how our Localizer TDoA solution locates drone operator uplinks and also low-altitude hovering drone signals.

ISO 9001:2015 SQS Certificate

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Certificate from the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS).

ISO 9001:2015 IQNet Certificate

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Certificate from the International Certification Network IQNet.