Decodio GREEN provides a plugin-based C/C++ application programming interface (API) to DECODIO RED and is the perfect tool for custom signal processing and acquisition.

Processing of multiple IQ streams simultaneously

GUI widgets for output visualization

Plugin architecture


Support for custom RF receivers

APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE: An IQ output interface allows the user to retrieve one or multiple narrow-band channels from DECODIO RED in IQ form, process the data and visualize the results in a dedicated graphical interface or directly inside Decodio RED.

It is the perfect solution for custom signal processing and measurement of multiple channels. An IQ input interface makes it possible to feed signal data in IQ form into Decodio RED, thus enabling the use of otherwise unsupported signal sources such as custom RF receivers.

A crypto-interface gives the possibility to run proprietary and non-disclosable encryption algorithms against the data coming from Decodio RED.