Decodio NET for TETRA is a powerful air interface analysis tool for TETRA networks based on Decodio RED. It provides interactive network overview, real-time identification and parallel decoding of all active TETRA emissions. Continuous logging of all decoded data provides a high level of reliability and traceability and allows the advanced analysis in various Decodio modules.

Easy-to-use and intuitive interface

Full decoding of broadcast network parameters as well as voice content

Fast automatic detection of TETRA carriers

Simultaneous decoding of all available channels in real-time

Signal quality and power monitoring

Powerful protocol data unit (PDU) output

User-defined translation of numeric parameters and IDs into readable names

A C API is available for network operators holding a TETRA cryptographic license from ETSI. This enables the automatic decryption of all TETRA contents in the Decodio solution if the encryption keys are available.

Support for both Class 2 and Class 3 encryption

Support for TEA-1, TEA-2, TEA-3, TEA-4 and TAA1 algorithms

Easy-to-use key management interface

The software component DECODIO ORANGE gives the user an intuitive visual insight into a TETRA network by providing various statistical tools to analyze the data generated by Decodio NET.

Traffic statistics for both uplink and downlink channels

Call statistics over arbitrary time window

Pivot table analysis

Distribution visualization incl. call duration and call setup time over arbitrary time window

Load and capacity over time per location area

Control channel load over time

Detailed Layer4-PDU analysis

Multichannel drive-test and coverage mapping is easily performed with the DECODIO RUNNER module.

Signal power, message erasure rate (MER) and bit error rate (BER) visualized on a map

Visualization of particular network events on a map (handovers, registrations)

Analysis of all available TETRA carriers in parallel

Thanks to Decodio NET’s remote control interface and DECODIO QoS module, it is possible to interconnect multiple acquisition stations and use Decodio PINK as automatic network monitoring agent.

Fully automatic and continuous operation

Monitoring of radio networks deployed over wide geographic areas

User-defined alert rules and triggers

SNMP protocol support for NMS interaction

Click here for a demonstration of the versatile capabilities of Decodio NET for TETRA.