Decodio ORANGE is an offline visualization tool for decoded PMR protocol data, with a convenient interface to display results in the form of charts and data tables.

Comprehensive data visualization

Network load metering

Pivot table analysis

PDU statistics

Drive Testing

PROTOCOL ANALYSIS AND DATA VISUALIZATION Using the protocol data unit (PDU) and measurement values generated by DECODIO RED , a wide range of analysis modules give the user a deep understanding of a PMR network’s behavior. Network load and capacity bottlenecks can be quickly analyzed with visualizations such as number of calls by network cell, number of calls by logical group, call duration distribution or control channel usage.

Furthermore, several pivot table-based analysis modules enable the user to combine different metadata types and study their relationship (such as for example call type by source and destination ID or call length by talk group).

The available charts also include histograms for the visualization of call setup time and call length distribution. The collected data and generated charts can be exported for easy integration into an existing workflow or for documentation purposes.

DRIVE TEST FUNCTION: An additional feature that can be added to Decodio ORANGE is to support high quality drive tests. Here, ORANGE receives data from DECODIO RED and helps operators map their networks, conducting interference and coverage tests with ease.