Decodio PINK is an automated monitoring component which continuously collects decoded information and measurements from multiple instances of DECODIO RED .

Flexible alerting framework for quality of service and threat detection

User-defined trigger conditions

Interaction with existing infrastructure (e.g. countermeasure, alarming, network management systems)

Easy monitoring of large-scale networks

NETWORK MONITORING AND ALERT TRIGGERING It triggers an alert whenever a decoded parameter breaks a list of user-defined rules. Such rules can involve any metric or parameter available in Decodio RED, such as signal strength and quality, network parameters or call metadata.

This allows for precise event detection, accurate quality-of-service assessment or threat detection. The list of active alerts as well as a history of past alerts are accessible in a web interface and saved in a database for statistics and report generation.

Decodio PINK can be configured to automatically respond to an alert with a series of actions, such as sending an SNMP trap to a network management system (NMS), sending user-defined TCP messages, or starting an IQ-recording job.

Along with each alert, detailed context information is saved, including start and end time, decoded data fields breaking the rule and response taken. Decodio PINK also monitors the Decodio RED instances and automatically reports sensor failures and disconnections.

INTEGRATION Decodio PINK can be integrated into DECODIO RED and DECODIO Localizer software as a feature.