Decodio ReX is a high-performance PC-based software solution for wideband signal acquisition, channelization, demodulation and streaming based on Decodio RED.

It runs on a conventional PC and does not require specialized hardware, which makes it a very flexible RF-recording solution. Decodio ReX also supports multiple wideband input signals in parallel to cover an extremely wide frequency range.

The Decodio ReX streaming interface allows I/Q samples to be streamed readily to LabVIEW and other 3rd party applications (GNU Radio, MATLAB, ...)

Multichannel analysis, streaming and recording

TDoA ready with GNSS timestamping support

Analog demodulation

I/Q signal extraction and network streaming

High resolution time and frequency domain measurements

Post processing for modulation analysis


Adjustable pre- and post-recording

DECODIO BLUE - Logging, visualization and analysis in the web-browser

DECODIO PINK - Automatic threat detection

DECODIO GREEN - Implementation of custom algorithms