Decodio ReX is a high-performance PC-based software solution for wideband signal acquisition, channelization, demodulation and streaming based on Decodio RED.

It runs on a conventional PC and does not require specialized hardware, which makes it a very flexible RF-recording solution. Decodio ReX also supports multiple wideband input signals in parallel to cover an extremely wide frequency range.

The Decodio ReX streaming interface allows I/Q samples to be streamed readily to LabVIEW and other 3rd party applications (GNU Radio, MATLAB, ...)

Multichannel analysis, streaming and recording

TDoA ready with GNSS timestamping support

Analog demodulation

I/Q signal extraction and network streaming

High resolution time and frequency domain measurements

Post processing for modulation analysis


Adjustable pre- and post-recording

DECODIO BLUE - Logging, visualization and analysis in the web-browser

DECODIO PINK - Automatic threat detection

DECODIO GREEN - Implementation of custom algorithms

The DLL library interface enables users to integrate custom IQ processing modules into Decodio RED and is the perfect tool for custom signal processing.

The library interface allows the user to retrieve one or multiple narrow-band channels from Decodio RED as IQ data into an external DLL. The signal of the channel is characterized by center frequency, sampling rate and bandwidth.

The user can send the results of the custom IQ processing back to the Decodio RED GUI. The processed data can then be shown in user-defined tables in the native Decodio RED GUI.

In cases where custom processing modules produce audio data, the DLL library even enables this data to be live-streamed through Decodio RED.

A huge advantage of the seamless integration is the possibility of using Decodio's DDC algorithm for parallel PC-based processing with up to 512 narrowband channels on a single PC. Channels can be easily added and deleted, and their center frequency can be moved in Decodio's spectrum view. By defining the basic signal characteristics, the user can take advantage of Decodio's unmatched emission detection approach. The DLL library interface is defined by C++ header files.

The optional ITU measurements module in Decodio ReX offers analysis features in line with ITU R SM.328, 377, 443, 854, 1600, 1880 and 2117.

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