Spectrum monitoring

Comprehensive spectrum monitoring and channel extraction.

TETRA monitoring

Example of a TETRA monitoring session, also showing a plot of the symbols' phases for quality analysis

NXDN monitoring

Example of a NXDN-monitoring session, multiple carriers simultaneously

TETRA statistics

TETRA voice traffic by destination, figure created with the Decodio ORANGE for TETRA solution.

Recording 1

Analog channel recording

Time Domain Analysis

Burst measurement and signal analysis

Recording 2

Analog channel recording


Spectrogram and waterfall view of the spectrum

Spectrogram TETRA

Spectrogram of TETRA emissions

Air traffic control monitoring

Air traffic signal scenario with ACARS and AM voice monitoring

Browser-based call list

Browser-based analysis of recorded PMR calls

Browser-based network activity

Real-time overview of the network activity

Tetrapol PDU statistics

Decodio ORANGE analysis of PDU statistics

Modulation quality

Demodulated symbol output of Tetrapol carrier for quality evaluation

Web-based mapping

Coverage visualization in the web browser

TETRA tree view

Tree view showing all received TETRA carriers, with active calls and slot occupation.

TETRA Mobility Management PDU

Logging of TETRA mobility management data units for radio inventory.

TETRA call setup time distribution

Call setup time histogram created with Decodio ORANGE for TETRA.

LA call capacity

Chronological overview of the available and occupied slots over time within a Location Area. Allows to quickly detect capacity bottlenecks and analyze the cell load. Diagram created by Decodio ORANGE for TETRA.

Layer4 PDU analysis

Visualization of all received Layer4-PDUs for each Timeslot.

Pivot table analysis

Bar chart created via pivot table analysis using Decodio ORANGE for TETRA.

Drive-test data export

Drive-test data can be exported for further processing in GIS or mapping software such as Google Earth.


Network coverage measurements, using the Decodio RUNNER solution.


Network coverage measurements, using the Decodio RUNNER for TETRA solution. Also shown are the handover locations and a power plot of different frequencies.

Single-frequency carrier synchronization

Synchronization measurements of TETRAPOL base stations in a single-frequency network, based on time correlation evaluation.

Decodio Localizer Setup

Hybrid Localizer setup

Emitter localiztaion (hybrid approach)

Hybrid localization approach using both AoA and TDoA using DECODIO Localizer.

TDoA localization of TETRA base station

TDoA localization of TETRA base station in small area. Graphical interface of Decodio TDoA, showing a TETRA signal being localized.

DMR carriers

DMR carriers overview

Spectrum overlay

Overlay of a saved spectrum snapshot, in order to easily identify unwanted emissions.

Localization of a DAB signal

Graphical interface of Decodio TDoA, showing a DAB signal being localized.

DMR carrier metadata

Decoded DMR carrier metadata

DMR call metadata

Decoded DMR call metadata

DMR data message properties

Decoded data message parameters

QoS alert history

History of triggered alerts in a network monitored using Decodio QoS.

QoS SNMP trap

Example of an SNMP trap received in OpenNMS

TETRA Dashboard

TETRA Dashboard, provides an overview over the state of a network

TDoA channel settings

Available options when defining a new channel for TDoA localization

Spectrum marker

Labeling the spectrum

Symbol Rate Estimation

Symbol Rate Estimation of GMSK modulated signal


Autocorrelation of OFDM signal


Decodio TET360 - usfeul for TETRA-panorama-measurements

TET360 User Interface

Selection of the best server with automated adding of the neighbour cells. Dialog displaying and controlling the current measurement state.

TETRA Carrier Info

Specific information about one TETRA carrier

Drive-test best server

Tetrapol best-server drive-test. The red markers on the map denote the positions where the best (max power) cell code is changing. Displayed in Decodio ORANGE.

Localizer (TDoA)

Emitter localization using TDoA

VPN Monitor

VPN administration page showing the available acquisition stations in a distributed deployment of Decodio TDoA.

Air decoding by two receivers

Air modes decoding by two receivers