Decodio QoS is a new approach for automatic PMR network monitoring based on Decodio’s RED, BLUE and PINK software components. Decodio QoS allows continuous monitoring of large-scale communication networks using multiple measurement sites, and is ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as quality assurance, automatic interference detection and network capacity troubleshooting. It operates over the air interface, independently from the network.

The ability to send notifications based on various quality metrics allows fast response to network failures and ensures optimal service uptime. Decodio works in close relationship with its customers in order to configure the best QoS solution.

Large network monitoring

Simultaneous monitoring of multiple protocols

Seamless integration into existing infrastructures

Custom alarm rules, using any parameter decoded by the Decodio solution

Open interfaces with TCP alerts, SNMP traps, and logging ability

Wide range of applications such as threat detection and quality-of-service assurance