Electronic Warfare

For Defense Professionals worldwide, operating in today’s complex electromagnetic operating environment (EMOE) is challenging. Not only must they hunt for signals of interest using Electronic Support (ES) systems, but also protect their own emissions footprint through implementing stringent emissions control (EMCON) measures. This means that ruggedized, high-end EW resources can become stretched thin as leaders need to leverage the same equipment for both hunting and to evaluate their own forces electronic footprint during training exercise, decreasing force readiness.

With Decodio, Defense leaders now get a multi-use spectrum monitoring system, that can be adapted to any need. DECODIO RED can supplement more complex EW equipment in finding digital radio protocols, and when paired with DECODIO Localizer , can help military communicators in understanding their emissions footprint. Because Decodio is a commercial system, leaders can easily employ it during multinational exercises, immediately sharing spectrum signatures and testing new electronic protection concepts in the field. With one software package, leaders can scale from small garrison exercises to large joint maneuvers with ease.

  • Monitor and record unit or target VHF/UHF signals for immediate playback
  • Easily load spectrum allocation plans to better police spectrum
  • Produce data needed for Interference Reporting.
  • Create alerts for signals of interests through automatic detection
  • Inherent DF function allows any unit to localize signals or interference
  • Adapt to existing government or commercial sensors
  • Can use government grade GNSS receivers
  • Discrete options are available
  • Triangulate signals of interest
  • Great tool for Opposing Force training teams, replicating more advanced threat signal hunting
  • Permanent or temporary sensor options available
  • Control a large system through one operator