Thanks to its extensive PMR protocol support, advanced signal analysis features and a location-finding functionality based on AoA and TDoA, Decodio's software solution is ideal for signal intelligence applications.

With DECODIO RED + DECODIO Localizer , operators get a multi-use spectrum monitoring system, at half the cost of normal government produced systems of record. Decodio supports large multi-sensor, multi-site operations to more discrete and smaller solutions, due to the pairing of both commercial and government sensors and devices. Already have a system but lacking a PMR protocol function? Decodio routine works with System Integrators to incorporate into established or emerging hardware systems. Signals can be recorded in demodulated/decoded form or as raw IQ and recording can be triggered by squelch criteria with adjustable pre- and post-recording intervals. Spectrum data collected from RED can also be passed to additional post processing software. In today’s complex electromagnetic operating environment (EMOE), Decodio provides a bespoke approach to solve the hardest problems in this sector.

  • Monitor and record unit or target VHF/UHF signals for immediate playback
  • Create alerts for signals of interests through automatic detection
  • Inherent DF function allows any unit to localize signals or interference.
  • Adapt to existing government or commercial sensors
  • Can use government grade GNSS receivers
  • Discrete options are available
  • Triangulate signals of interest
  • Permanent or temporary sensor options available
  • Control a large system through one operator

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