Posted on Sept. 27, 2019

New release: Decodio RED 1.9.5 (September 2019)

Decodio RED version 1.9.5 (build date 24.09.2019) is available.

You can find the latest manual containing detailed release notes in the members’ area  

Highlights of version 1.9.5  include:

  • Support for direction finders.
  • Uplink of Tetrapol can be decoded and stored in PDU-file.
  • TETRA Layer 4 outputs for detailed load statistics in ORANGE.
  • CDCSS (Continuous Digital-Coded Squelch System) can be decoded.
  • Output file naming configurable with .ini files (only protocol outputs: .wav, .txt ).
  • GPS: position information (NMEA) receiving and forwarding via Network (UDP).

and much more,...


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