Decodio ReX is the analog demodulation only version of Decodio RED, and was developed for customers not requiring digital decoding protocols. It is a high-performance PC-based software solution for wideband signal acquisition, channelization, demodulation and streaming.

Multichannel analysis, streaming and recording

TDoA ready with GNSS timestamping support

Analog demodulation

I/Q signal extraction and network streaming

High resolution time and frequency domain measurements

Post processing for modulation analysis


Adjustable pre- and post-recording

It runs on a conventional PC and does not require specialized hardware, which makes it a very flexible RF-recording solution. Decodio ReX also supports multiple wideband input signals in parallel to cover an extremely wide frequency range.

PARALLEL PROCESSING With Decodio ReX, up to 512 narrowband channels can be extracted, processed, and recorded in parallel over an extremely wide frequency range thanks to multi-receiver support. Extracted signals can be streamed over a network for further processing in third-party software.

DEMODULATION AND RECORDING Each channel can be assigned individual settings for demodulation, bandwidth, streaming and recording (both IQ and demodulated). An adjustable filter makes it easy to precisely match any signal bandwidth. Per-channel squelch settings can be used as a recording trigger, with pre- and post- recording intervals and automatic wide-band recording. Moreover, CTSS and Selcall decoding are available.

SPECTRUM VISUALIZATION Powerful visualization tools in both time and frequency domains (including min and max-hold, easy zooming and panning, bandwidth and power measurements) make it very easy to analyze the acquired signal and perform measurements. An integrated spectrum overlay feature is used to compare previously recorded spectra with the actual signal to quickly spot missing or unexpected signals. The overlaid spectrum can be displayed with power and/or frequency offsets.

DECODIO BLUE - Logging, visualization and analysis in the web-browser

DECODIO PINK - Automatic threat detection

DECODIO GREEN - Implementation of custom algorithms

The optional ITU measurements module in Decodio ReX offers analysis features in line with ITU R SM.328, 377, 443, 854, 1600, 1880 and 2117.