Decodio RED is our flagship software, provides core signal processing and decoding features to enable advanced analysis using various hardware components.

Full digital PMR decoding

PC-based software solution with efficient signal-processing capabilities

Support for multiple receivers

Open interfaces (e.g. TCP/UDP input and output streams, VITA 49)

Large number of parallel monitoring channels

Advanced digital PMR decoding

SIGNAL ACQUISITION General-purpose spectrum analyzers or RF receivers are used to acquire baseband IQ data with an instantaneous bandwidth of up to 200 MHz. Multiple receivers can be used in parallel to increase the working bandwidth.

SIGNAL EXTRACTION, RECORDING AND STREAMING Narrow-band channel extraction, demodulation and decoding is performed using modern software-defined radio techniques running on a conventional computer. The maximum number of decoded channels depends only on the available CPU power. Typically, on a modern desktop PC, up to 512 channels of arbitrary bandwidths can be processed in real-time, including extraction, recording and decoding. Server-grade hardware further extends the number of channels which can be processed in parallel.

SIGNAL ANALYSIS Decodio RED combines manual signal analysis functionalities with automatic emission detection and classification in an easy-to-use interface. Time and frequency domain measurements as well as burst analysis are done intuitively using overlays and markers, allowing the operator to quickly respond to changes in the RF environment.

DIGITAL PMR SUPPORT Besides the standard analog modulations, full support for TETRA, Tetrapol, DMR, dPMR, NXDN, P25 and D-STAR is available, including broadcast parameters, metadata as well as voice and data decoding. Optional modules for encrypted content handling are also available.

PRECISION SOFTWARE For those requiring signal protocol or niche support, Decodio offers NET and REX, both built off of Decodio RED. ReX is the analog demodulation only version of Decodio RED, and was developed for customers not requiring digital decoding protocols. Decodio NET is a tailored version of our RED software offering only single digital radio protocol decoding, extremely useful for Network Operators specializing in TETRA, TETRAPOL, P25, and DMR systems. Find more information on their product pages.