A small Zürich-based firm, Decodio quickly established itself as an international Spectrum Monitoring (digital radio) leader by offering tailorable and agile solutions that exceed customer expectations. Through the analytical power of our flagship product, DECODIO RED , today’s Spectrum Professionals can quickly detect, decode, and localize various signals of interest, wading through today’s complex electromagnetic environment with ease.

Our software was created with scalability in mind, from small receivers up to installed facility monitoring systems. The individual software components run on a conventional PC and do not require specialized digital signal processing hardware.

Leveraging data from DECODIO RED , we developed DECODIO ORANGE to easily visualize complex spectrum data, DECODIO BLUE that stores data in a web accessible database, and DECODIO Localizer to triangulate signal emissions. For more information on how these software combine to overcome your hardest spectrum problems, please visit our Solutions and Markets pages.

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While our roots are in decoding digital radio protocols (e.g. TETRA, P25, DMR, TETRAPOL), our softwares can be combined and configured to solve a wide range of problems inside today’s complex radio spectrum.

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  • April 2023: New Decodio releases available (RED 1.10.12 and others) May 10, 2023

    Since the end of 2021, our development team has been working hard to implement new features based on your direct feedback as well as from implemented projects. 
    Decodio RED and Localizer users under maintenance contracts will be able to download Decodio RED 1.10.12 and Decodio Localizer 0.29 from our members area page on our website.

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  • Nouvelle brochure en français Jan. 23, 2023

    Une nouvelle brochure décrivant la solution de surveillance de spectre Decodio est disponible sur la page des téléchargements.

  • New Release 1.9.40 LTS (long-term support) Sept. 20, 2022

    Today we released our new Decodio RED 1.9.40 LTS (long-term support)
    Customers under software maintainance contract are able to download from our members area.
    The 1.9.40 LTS (long-term support) is the latest stable version before the next major release




  • New French subsidiary July 14, 2022

    Decodio is proud to announce the opening of a French subsidiary in Rennes (Brittany). Starting in September with a team of three, it will be in charge of strategic partnerships, and will support our French customers.

    Decodio a le plaisir d'annoncer l'ouverture d'une nouvelle filiale française à Rennes (35). Dès la rentrée, une équipe de trois collaborateurs sera chargée de nos différents partenariats et sera à la disposition de notre clientèle française.