Posted on March 13, 2022

Decodio added to EU NESTOR Border Security Project

We are excited to join the multi-discipline NESTOR team, as a radio spectrum solution provider and expert. Our software is already employed by border security professionals and we know that out ability to decode maritime, air, and land-based radio protocols will help NESTOR researchers create a holistic border security solution on EU’s eastern reaches.


The EU funded project NESTOR addresses a common challenge among EU countries, namely, the protection and safeguarding of the European marine and land borders. To this end, NESTOR aims to demonstrate a fully functional next-generation holistic border surveillance system providing pre-frontier situational awareness beyond maritime and land borders following the concept of the European Integrated Border Management.

The primary objective of NESTOR is to motivate border agencies to capitalize on state-of-the-art technologies for supporting the Member States in reaching full situational awareness at their external borders and enhancing the decision making and reaction capability of their security authorities. Τo this end the project develops a flexible, integrated solution adapted to end-users’ needs and system requirements, combining comprehensive surveillance capabilities, timely pre-frontier situational awareness, and feeds from state of the art sensory devices and off-the-shelf components. NESTOR technologies form an interoperable network to detect, assess and respond to illegal activities in border surveillance missions in both land and maritime operations. The complete NESTOR concept will be assessed in three international trials, that include both land and maritime border operations.

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